About Us

Our Mission:

To provide an outlet for participation in the performing arts for the JFC Brunssum and Tri-Border Community resulting in quality, affordable theatrical entertainment.

Our Performance Venues

There are two main performance venues that the Alliance Players uses. The first is the Alliance Theater located on the JFC Brunssum military base, adjacent to the gym:

The second venue is the JFC Brunssum International Conference Center (ICC). It's located off-base, right down the street from JFC Brunssum at Rimburgerweg 46:

Who can participate in Alliance Players shows?

Alliance Players auditions are open to anyone from any country in the Tri-Border NATO community. Some shows may have minimal age limits depending on the content of the show.

Who can come to performances?

That depends on where the performance is being held. If the performance is being held at the Alliance Theater, you need to have a NATO ID so you can get onto base. If the performance is at the ICC, anyone is free to come see it!

Where can I find the rehearsal schedule?

When we have active ongoing rehearsals, you can find the rehearsals on the Cast Updates page.

Where can I find information about past performances?

The best place to find photos and information about recent performances is here. You might also find photos from older shows on our Facebook page. If you have photos from previous productions, contact us and send them our way! We'd love to add them to our archive.